Arjen Schotel

Director. Editor. Writer.



As a director I always try to be a team player. I rely on the professionalism of the people I work with and I believe that by motivating their spirits you will get the best results. Whether it is a documentary, a tv-show or a short film, I feel most comfortable being a director. Knowing what you’re going to create and being able to create as you go, I love it.

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Editing is like a second nature to me. It is like riding a bike or eating a burger. I’ve learned it with a lot of practice. I mostly work as a promo-producer for television channels, but I also do a lot of editing for other sort of projects like commercials and (corporate) films. Editing is the part of the process where you can either bring your work to the ultimate level or mess it up. I prefer to do the first.

Some folks I worked for


Writing and developing is what I enjoy the most. Creating stories and concepts on a piece of paper, visualising them in my mind. I’ve written several tv concepts, documentaries and currently I’m working on a short film. Though some of these are a work in progress, feel free to contact me if you want to know more.


about me

Dreaming… I guess it is what I like to do most. Dreaming away in worlds where everything is one big adventure. My mind is always spinning – it does not get a lot of rest. I’ve been working in television- and film production for a couple of years now, but I am convinced that the best is yet to come. I have many stories in mind, that haven’t been told or developed yet. I see it as my personal goal in life to create them all. I know that is a challenge, but I like challenges.


Arjen Schotel (’86) is a Dutch creator, working in television and film. He lives in The Hague and has created commercials, promos, documentaries and films for various clients. He is also part owner of VLA Films, a filmproduction company. In 2014 Arjen created a European Award winning documentary called ‘The story of Peter’.




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